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bespoke skips

Case study: A bespoke skip for a major brick manufacturer

We created a bespoke skip for a large brick manufacturer, designed to be durable, resistant to heavy loads and reduce noise.

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ICUS combi tipping skip

Case study: An auto-tipping skip for Driv Incorporated

Invicta Attachments recently provided Driv Incorporated with a new skip after over 20 years with their previous Invicta Combi Skip. Read the case study.

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Case study: A bespoke waste bin solution for Sunderland City Council

Invicta Attachments worked with Sunderland City Council on a solution for unloading waste bins. Read the full case study.

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Case study: A bespoke Bottom Empty Skip

We created a bespoke bottom empty skip with a built-in load guard, castor and fork pockets. Read the full case study.

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Case study: A bespoke coil boom for heavy loads

See our bespoke boom attachment, created to withstand heavy coil loads. The attachment means the customer can use their forklift to its maximum potential.

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Problem-solving with the Invicta team

See what the Invicta team has been up to lately, providing unique problem-solving solutions for businesses both big and small.

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1100 litre Wheelie Bin Lifter Attachment

Case study: 1100 litre Wheelie Bin Lifter Attachment

See this bespoke wheelie bin lifter attachment capable of lifting 4x 1100 litre wheelie bins. The product has increased safety and saved time for the customer.

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Case study: Bespoke skips for dual use

Take a look at these bespoke skips featuring 4-way entry bases that solved a problem for a brick manufacturer.

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Our latest bespoke project – custom-made forklift skip attachments

Take a look at this bespoke project, in which we developed 13 forklift skip attachments, featuring a hinged lid and viewing window.

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Manufacturing forklift skips that are safer, stronger and built to last

Find out how we manufactured 8 colour-coded forklift skips, tailored to the daily requirements of a Yorkshire-based manufacturer of static homes.

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