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Factory safety tips from the Invicta team

Stay safe in the workplace with these top factory safety tips from the Invicta Attachments team.

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Using forklifts to lift employees – Safety guidance

Find out how lifting employees is made safe though the use of fork mounted access platforms and load lifters, manufactured in the UK.

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Stay compliant with safety checks for forklift attachments

Get thorough examination checks for forklift attachments every 6 months to remain LOLER compliant.

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Forklift skips for construction: The Auto Lok Tipping Skip

Why the Auto Lok Tipping Skip is perfectly designed to save time and increase safety on construction and home building sites.

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Answered: Do forklift attachments need to be certified?

Get the guidance on forklift attachment inspections and find out exactly how to check your equipment is safe and compliant.

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A 4-point checklist for sourcing forklift attachments and maintaining safety

Check out this 4-point checklist for sourcing the right attachments to stay safe and efficient on site.

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Introducing – our forklift thorough examination testing service

Construction workers – reduce risk by making sure your forklift forks and attachments are LOLER-compliant with Invicta’s forklift thorough examination testing service.

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Productivity and safety: How forklift attachments can improve both areas

Used correctly, forklift attachments can help businesses significantly improve their productivity and safety levels. Find out how.

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When to replace forklift attachments

Do you know when to replace forklift attachments? This blog lifts the lid on some of the tell-tale signs to watch out for…

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10 reasons why forklifts topple over (and how to prevent it from happening)

Tipping over is one of the biggest dangers when operating a forklift. This infographic lists 10 reasons why forklifts can topple and how to avoid them…

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