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When to replace forklift attachments

Do you know when to replace forklift attachments? This blog lifts the lid on some of the tell-tale signs to watch out for…

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10 reasons why forklifts topple over (and how to prevent it from happening)

Tipping over is one of the biggest dangers when operating a forklift. This infographic lists 10 reasons why forklifts can topple and how to avoid them…

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Infographic: National Forklift Safety Day

National Forklift Safety Day is taking place for the 7th year on June 11, 2019. This infographic highlights our commitment to maintaining safety and shares best practice forklift operation advice.

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Forklift safety 101: Operation and maintenance checklist

Forklifts can be one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in the workplace. This checklist lists the operational and maintenance checks that can help reduce the risks associated with using forklifts.

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forklift trip hazards

Five forklift trip hazards to watch out for

Hazards are all around us. From trailing wires and unattended machinery to slippery floors and obstructed doorways, they’re lurking in all sorts of places, including the unlikeliest. Some of them can cause minor incidents, such as slips and trips, while others, can result in serious injuries and fatalities. Regardless of your working environment, it’s essential […]

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forklift truck safety advice

Five-minute overview: Best practice advice for maintaining forklift truck safety

Operating forklift trucks can be a dangerous business and the working environments in which they’re used are not without their risks either. Forklifts are widely used for moving materials and goods, but while their use may be widespread, the stakes are high. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), these vehicles are involved in about […]

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safety in the warehouse

The secret to improving warehouse safety – captured on camera

Warehouse work can be hazardous for all involved. Health and safety risks can be found everywhere, regardless of the size and scale of the warehouse environment in question. And when you add equipment, machinery and vehicles to the mix, then the risks are instantly multiplied on a significant scale. According to the Health and Safety Executive’s latest […]

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things to consider choosing a fork or attachment

Key factors to consider when handling awkward forklift live loads

Safely does it: Key factors to consider when handling awkward forklift live loads An overloaded forklift truck or awkward load can pose a huge risk to you, not to mention everybody around you, so it’s important you know exactly what to do to stay safe. Handling live loads can be particularly dangerous at the point when […]

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Blog 3

The secret to minimising risk and boosting efficiency for construction workers – revealed

It’s widely reported that accidents on construction sites are a common occurrence, with an average of 39 workers being fatally injured for the last five years running. According to the Health and Safety Executive’s Fatal Injuries Arising from Accidents at Work in Great Britain 2017 report, being struck by objects and moving vehicles and contact with […]

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