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Forklift skips for construction: The Auto Lok Tipping Skip

Forklift skips for construction: The Auto Lok Tipping Skip

When searching for the right forklift skips for your construction site, the top considerations are:

  • Ease of use
  • Safety of the attachment
  • Durability of the design

If you find a forklift skip that ticks these boxes, you have a product that is going to reduce risk, increase efficiency and save you money on site.


The Auto Lok Tipping Skip

Empty it from the safety of the cab

We’ve been building forklift skips for construction sites for over 25 years. In this time, we’ve learnt what’s important to forklift operators during the process of using skips to carry and dispose of waste materials around sites. This has helped us improve our designs.

Manual emptying = more effort, more risk

Manual emptying is laborious and time wasting. Most skips require operators to get out of the forklift cab and release the mechanism. The negative implications being:

  1. The time and effort wasted in manual operation
  2. The safety risk to the operator during emptying

Although the risk and the time taken are minimal, they add up over time. Bypassing this step saves minutes each day. These time savings become hours and days over a long period, reducing costs. The process is easier for the forklift operators and they can stay in the comfort of the cab.

Auto Lok Tipping Skip = save money, save hassle

It’s not surprising the AutoLok Tipping Skip is our most popular range of forklift attachment, particularly for construction companies and homebuilders. On lengthy projects, any equipment which saves time and increases safety is worthwhile.

JCB with Invicta Skip Attachment

Increasing efficiency for Amethyst Homes

Site Manager, Michael Skelton, at Amethyst Homes ordered 5 Invicta Auto-Lok Tipping Skips for his site. He describes the units as ‘brilliant’ and explained:

‘We’ve saved time and effort not having to manually engage, disengage and tip the unit. And these savings have been multiplied 5 times across the site, with the units in constant use. This has made a real contribution to efficiency and health and safety, with operatives not having to leave their cabs.’

See the full case study

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