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Case study: Increasing safety and efficiency on-site for Amethyst Homes

Find out how Amethyst Homes increased safety and efficiency on-site by choosing our Auto-Lok Tipping Skips to handle and dispose of waste materials.

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What Invicta and Blackpool rock have got in common

According to our MD, Peter Sharpe, Invicta has something in common with Blackpool rock. Read this blog to discover what the shared connection is.

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Invicta Fork Mounted Magnet Attachment Nails

Five forklift attachments (and the problems they solve)

Read this blog for details of five of our forklift attachments and the problems they solve for our customers.

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Case study: Custom length double-bend JCB mounted forks

Take a look at these double-bend JCB mounted forks created in two different lengths. Find out how these special forks solved a particular problem…

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