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When to replace forklift attachments

Do you know when to replace forklift attachments? This blog lifts the lid on some of the tell-tale signs to watch out for…

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Icus-0 tipping skip attachement

Our popular tipping skip forklift attachment just got smaller

The new ICUS-0 tipping skip forklift attachment may be smaller in size, but it still boasts the same safety features as the rest of the entire ICUS range.

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Our latest bespoke project – custom-made forklift skip attachments

Take a look at this bespoke project, in which we developed 13 forklift skip attachments, featuring a hinged lid and viewing window.

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10 reasons why forklifts topple over (and how to prevent it from happening)

Tipping over is one of the biggest dangers when operating a forklift. This infographic lists 10 reasons why forklifts can topple and how to avoid them…

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