Forklift fork repairs and forklift attachment servicing you can count on

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There are times when your forklift forks need a little TLC.

They may need some minor repairs, a major rebuild, or they may even need to be replaced, whatever the circumstances, we’ll get your forklift up-and-running again quickly and cost effectively.

Thanks to our 20+ years’ experience, we have the skills and expertise to carry out standard forklift fork repairs and forklift attachment servicing, deliver custom-build solutions and modify existing equipment.

All of our new forklift fork attachments come with a 12-month warranty however, we appreciate there may be times when they need repairing or modifying.


  • Carry out repairs that don’t just mend, but extend the life of the attachment. If we find that the repair route isn’t the most cost effective option, we’re also best placed to replace the unit quickly, thanks to our extensive range of stock.
  • Service equipment our aim is to make sure the attachment’s performing correctly which, in turn, helps boost productivity. We make every effort to prolong the life of every single unit we work on, meaning more hours are spent using the equipment rather than fixing it.

Here's a quick glimpse of approach to some common forklift fork problems:

  • Worn stainless steel forks we can reclad the entire fork or a more cost effective solution is to reclad the underside. If you prefer, we can also add pads to the heels, which can be replaced more quickly and easily in the future. Alternatively, we can replace the forks with units straight off the shelf (for standard sizes)
  • Twisted or bent large forks we can straighten the blades, which is often a much quicker and more cost effective way of getting machines back into service sooner
  • Thick or long forks we can machine the existing forks or, if time’s tight, we can modify them (and inspect, test and recertify them) – which is often the more affordable solution

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