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Bolt On Fork Extension On Forklift Truck

Why use fork extensions?

Businesses use fork extensions to help them handle awkward loads they are struggling to manage using regular forks.

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forklift driver in warehouse

The trends driving forklift use in the UK

Find out more about how the UK forklift industry is changing and evolving in response to emerging trends.

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The circular economy and forklifts

Find out more about the circular economy and how businesses can reduce waste by repairing and servicing their equipment.

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Our top picks for forks

Take a look at the top picks for forks and extensions from the materials handling experts at Invicta Forks & Attachments.

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Reflecting on 2023: our year in review

Find out more about 2023 for Invicta Attachments. We spoke to Sales Manager Aarron to find out more about the highlights of the year. 

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Our team’s top picks: Invicta Snow Plough

Find out about the Invicta Snow Plough and how it speeds up operations in winter in our chat with our Accounts Development Manager, Vikash.

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Our latest fork solutions

Take a look at the latest products from Invicta: fork extensions for 2–10 ton, fork extensions for 10 ton and above, and fork spacers.

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Our team’s top picks: IPF-BOS

Find out more about the many great benefits of the IPF-BOS Automatic Pallet Fork in our Q&A with our Sales Team Leader, Josh Martin.

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Image of an Invicta Auto Lok Skip

Improving efficiency with Auto-Lok: 3 key uses

Find out more about the Auto-Lok tipping forklift and telehandler skip, the innovative solution for streamlined material transportation from Invicta.

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Extend the life of your forks and attachments

Find out more about our forklift fork repairs and refurbishment services and how building once and building well contributes to the circular economy.

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