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Forklift attachments for lifting bulk bags – top picks

See the two top picks for forklift attachments for lifting bulk bags safely and easily in this quick guide.

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Forklift skips for construction: The Auto Lok Tipping Skip

Why the Auto Lok Tipping Skip is perfectly designed to save time and increase safety on construction and home building sites.

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Hands-free sanitisation stations for your workplace

Hands-free sanitisation stations are the safe and hygienic dispenser for your workplace. See them in action.

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Icus-0 tipping skip attachement

Top 3 forks and attachments for warehousing and distribution

Discover our top 3 forks and attachments for warehousing and distribution. Save time and increase efficiency on site.

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Case study: Bespoke skips for dual use

Take a look at these bespoke skips featuring 4-way entry bases that solved a problem for a brick manufacturer.

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stack lifter attachment with wheelie bin

New forklift equipment – Lifting attachments

These new lifting forklift attachments make light work of waste disposal tasks. See what they do and how they save time on site.

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Answered: Do forklift attachments need to be certified?

Get the guidance on forklift attachment inspections and find out exactly how to check your equipment is safe and compliant.

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Keeping vital services running – we’re here to help if needed

We’re teaming up wherever we can with other businesses to provide solutions to help keep vital services running.

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A 4-point checklist for sourcing forklift attachments and maintaining safety

Check out this 4-point checklist for sourcing the right attachments to stay safe and efficient on site.

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Introducing – our forklift thorough examination testing service

Construction workers – reduce risk by making sure your forklift forks and attachments are LOLER-compliant with Invicta’s forklift thorough examination testing service.

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