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Mechanical forklift attachments

Why buying a forklift isn’t the only solution….

Investing in different forklifts for different projects isn’t practical, but investing in just one forklift and multiple forklift attachments is…

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Designing forks and forklift attachments with the ‘Invicta difference’

We’ve been leading the fork and forklift attachment industry for 20+ years, thanks to the ‘Invicta difference’, which is underpinned by our design and engineering expertise.

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Invicta Myth Busting

Three common myths about forklift attachments – dispelled

There are all sorts of myths associated with forklift fork attachments. We dispels three of them in this blog.

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What Invicta and Blackpool rock have got in common

According to our MD, Peter Sharpe, Invicta has something in common with Blackpool rock. Read this blog to discover what the shared connection is.

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forks and attachments

Pick a fork or attachment, any fork or attachment

Here at Invicta, we live and breathe forklift truck forks and attachments And have been for more than 20 years. Because of our experience, we’re renowned for offering the most extensive range of forklift truck forks and attachments around. They’re manufactured in-house to the highest standard by our highly-skilled team. And because of our extensive […]

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why invicta is different

The Invicta Difference – Explained

Every company likes to say they’re different to the rest, but when you scratch beneath the surface, how many of them can actually prove this statement’s true? We can. And we’ve been doing just that for more than 20 years. So, what’s our secret? Well, it’s what we like to refer to here as the […]

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5 key questions to ask your forklift attachment manufacturer

Do you know the right questions to ask your forklift attachment manufacturer so that they provide you with the right attachments and forks? Forklift attachments and forks are highly specialist pieces of equipment, which means it pays for you to know what to ask, if you want your equipment to be fit for purpose, cost-effective […]

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why we're firmly sticking to our roots

Why we’re firmly sticking to our roots

Being able to source the forklift attachments you need when you need them shouldn’t have to be a challenge. Talk to an accomplished manufacturer and the majority of forklift attachments or forks should be available for dispatch within a matter of days, direct from stock. Bespoke elements can be anything from a few days to […]

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