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Our top picks for forks

When it comes to material handling, you want to prioritise efficiency. Choosing the right forklift forks and attachments can make a huge difference in your day-to-day operations. Today, we’re covering the top picks for forklift forks and fork extensions with a closer look into some of the options we have on offer here at Invicta.

What are forklift forks?

Forklift forks are essential for the safe and efficient lifting and transportation of goods. They are typically attached to the front of a forklift truck or telehandler to transport palletised goods and materials. They come in a huge range of types and configurations, like length, width and material, to suit a wide variety of different industry needs. In some cases, they can be made to a specialised or bespoke design to address a more niche challenge or application.

There are so many different options available when it comes to forklift forks and fork extensions. From standard forks to stainless steel fork extensions, telehandler replacement forks and fork-mounted carpet poles, there’s a fork attachment for virtually any materials handling problem.


Our top picks for forks and extensions

Standard forks

Standard forks are the backbone of many materials handling operations and are the type of fork you will come across most commonly. Simple but very effective, they’re a go-to solution for everyday tasks, offering a reliable way to safely transport goods. They’re attached to the front of a forklift to transport goods and are suitable for all kinds of general material handling. Their widespread use across different industries is a testament to their adaptability.

We offer a wide range of replacement standard forks in many different lengths, widths and mount classes.

Fork extensions

These are a specialised type of fork attachment created to extend your reach, great for when you need to handle long and awkward loads. Safety should always be a top priority during materials handling, and fork extensions are designed to help you work as productively as possible while maintaining crucial safety standards. They’re ideal for loads that would extend beyond the range of a standard fork as they make handling large loads straightforward.

Stainless steel fork extensions

Stainless steel fork extensions are provided in their raw, unpainted state to help with contamination prevention. Because of this, they are predominantly used in the food and chemical industry where they’re noted for their ease of cleaning and minimal risk of sparking. In their unpainted state, they also eliminate the risk of paint chipping or flaking – perfect for environments when hygiene is paramount. As fork extensions, they offer versatile handling of long and awkward loads, providing a practical solution for cases where standard forks can’t safely accommodate materials.

Triangular fork extensions

Triangular fork extensions provide a simple but effective solution for handling rolled products, like paper reels, coils and drums. The design is simple but extremely effective, with a triangular shape helping to secure the product while in transit. This minimises movement and prevents shifting or instability.

Telehandler replacement forks

telehandler forks
Telehandler replacement forks are designed specifically for use with a telehandler. These forks are supplied as standard to the majority of industrial brands and integrate seamlessly with three standard mounts categorised by bar, square hook or class. They are engineered to complement the capabilities of telehandlers, ensuring efficient and precise material handling.

Fork-mounted carpet poles

Fork-mounted carpet poles are purpose-built to meet the challenges of transporting rolls of carpet or similar materials. They are horizontal poles designed to safely transport rolls of cylindrical goods. With a horizontal design and focus on stability, they help transport rolls safely and efficiently – preventing movement and any potential damage.


Get the forks you need, now

At Invicta, we understand the role that the right forks and extensions play in the smooth running of your business. All our attachments are manufactured in the UK with quality and reliability in mind. And, as we manufacture to stock, many forks are available straight away – so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary delays to your operations.

We’re also able to manufacture bespoke forks and extensions made to suit your exact requirements. Our bespoke manufacturing offering means we can tailor attachments to solve niche handling challenges. Take a look at our bespoke case studies to see some examples.


You shouldn’t have to compromise on efficiency or safety. Explore our forklift forks and extensions and discover the Invicta difference for yourself. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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