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Designing forks and forklift attachments with the ‘Invicta difference’

Designing the ‘Invicta difference’

We’ve been leading the fork and forklift attachment industry for more than two decades and it’s all down to something unique to us that we refer to as the ‘Invicta difference.’

As the phrase suggests, providing the ‘Invicta difference’ means we’re different to many other fork and attachment manufacturers.

We’re different because we’re not just a product provider. We’re also different because we’ve made it our mission to make sure customers walk away with the forks and forklift attachments that 100% solve their problems and are fit for purpose. (For more on the ‘Invicta difference’, check out our post ‘The Invicta difference explained.’)

But it’s not just our approach to service that delivers the ‘Invicta difference.’ It’s our experience and extensive design and engineering expertise that’s at play here too.

Thanks to our bespoke design and manufacturing service, we can design and build forks and forklift attachments that are tailored to helping our customers overcome specific handling problems

And this can vary from designing and manufacturing JCB-mounted forks in two different lengths so that it’s easier for the operator to position his forks into loads without causing any damage…..


… adapting a pair of standard forks so they incorporate a wide top hanger to steady unstable loads during transit.


Our design and engineering know-how sits at the heart of the ‘Invicta difference’ and can be applied to any forklift attachment-related challenge. This, coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment, robust processes and true passion for going above and beyond for our customers is what drives us. It’s undoubtedly also what sets us apart from the competition and keeps our ‘Invicta difference’ fire burning bright.

Want to put our design and engineering expertise to the test? Get in touch with us to discuss your forklift attachment requirements with us. Standard or bespoke, our forks and attachments are continuously pushing the design boundaries in our quest to deliver the ‘Invicta difference.’



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