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Case study: Tackling unstable loads for a metal recycler


The challenge

Invicta was recently approached by a major UK metal recycler. The company processes heavy loads as a part of their daily operations and the forklift operators were finding loads to be unstable during transit.

The instability was caused by standard forks allowing the load to swing laterally when fitted with standard top and bottom hangers. With heavy, potentially dangerous materials (metals) in the equation, we wanted to come up with a fix that made the process safer for everyone involved.

The solution

The solution was to manufacture a pair of bespoke forks, designed specifically for the task at hand. We conducted a site visit to assess the operation first hand, then began designing a set of forks to fit the requirement.

Invicta’s technical team took a standard pair of forks and amended them to include a wide top hanger. They also welded a block to the edge of the forks to run along the bottom carriage rail in order to reduce the fork swing with the wide load (which was prone to fall either side of the forks).

The results

The forks were sent to the client who tested their effectiveness. The new forks suited them perfectly and this is now the third manufactured set of this specification. The forks have increased safety on site, as well as making a routine process more efficient.

Do you have an on-site problem you’d like to fix? Contact our team today and we’ll help you find the right forks or attachments.

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