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Case study: Custom length double-bend JCB mounted forks


No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – these forks are different lengths…

But for good reason!

Here at Invicta, customers approach us when they have a very specific materials handling challenge they need to solve. That’s because they know that if the product they need doesn’t exist yet, we’ll create it for them.

We recently had a request from a customer for a very special pair of JCB mounted forks. They wanted to save time and make the process of loading their JCB mounted forks more streamlined.

The forks needed a double bend and mounting location for a Q-Fit pin. They also had distinctive different lengths.

What’s the reason for the different length forks? 

It makes it easier for the forklift operator to locate one fork into the load first, then they’re ideally positioned to simply drive forward and locate the second fork without the risk of damaging the load.

Such a simple change, but so effective!

The new forks will shave minutes off this everyday process and these savings will amount to a significant time difference in the long run. With regular operational processes, it’s always worth finding the right equipment if it makes them more efficient.

Invicta’s Technical Manager, Terry Ryan explained: ‘It’s fantastic to be able to offer bespoke products that make everyday tasks so much easier. In this case, we found an unusual solution that will help them reduce labour hours and ultimately increase their profitability in the long run.”

Do you have an on-site challenge you’d like us to fix? Talk to us today about creating a bespoke forklift fork or attachment and get in touch with us on 0113 277 1222 or 


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