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Case study: A bespoke skip for a major brick manufacturer

The challenge

We worked with a large manufacturer who create and distribute building products and solutions, including bricks and slates. The customer required several skips for their main depot site, which had to be able to hold broken pieces of brick whilst being heavy-duty and able to stand the test of time. Previous skips purchased by the customer for this purpose had folded under the weight of the product, so durability was key.

The nature of the operations meant that noise was an issue as the bricks landed in the skips, so we knew we needed to find a noise-reducing solution. We also needed to ensure they could be used alongside the double pallet handlers the customer had on-site.

The solution

We identified that the customer needed combi use skips. We specified a 5mm body with 385mm pockets to suit double pallet handlers, as the skips would be used alongside a hand pallet truck. The skip base was bespoke and specifically designed to go alongside the double pallet handlers that were unique to the customer’s operation.

We used rubber bonding to the inside faces of the skip body. This helps to lessen the decibel levels of the bricks hitting the skips, reducing noise. The rubber bonding also helps negate damages to the skips themselves, as it provided an additional protective layer.


By adapting a combi skip to meet specific requirements, including noise reduction and the ability to use with a double pallet handler, we were able to deliver the results the customer was looking for.

As a result of our bespoke solution, they can continue running their operation efficiently with peace of mind that their skips are durable, noise-reducing and built to last.

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