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Case study: An auto-tipping skip for Driv Incorporated

The challenge

Driv Incorporated was looking for a new skip for metal waste disposal, so reached out to the team at Invicta. They had previously chosen and bought an Invicta Combi Skip (IDS-2) over 20 years ago. The skip had stood the test of time and served the customer well since then but was, unfortunately, coming to the end of its life span.

Driv Incorporated are a global automotive parts manufacturer. Their production line is very busy, so they need a skip that can help them dispose of indoor metal waste effectively and in a timely manner.

An old waste product skip

‘The Invicta Combi skip which has been in our service for over 20 years as our indoor metal waste skip. Sturdy, British built and very practical as can easily transported by fork lift truck to the larger outdoor skip ready for collection’ 

Janette Wilkinson, Driv Incorporated

The solution

The customer needed a new way to dispose of metal waste in the most time-efficient way. Our solution was a fork-mounted skip with an auto-tipping function.

We worked alongside Janette, the QEHS Manager at Driv Incorporated. Janette immediately understood the value and importance of the auto-tipping function in relation to health & safety, and was happy to purchase a new tipping skip with this included. In light of this, we provided an ICUS-1 combi tipping skip with an auto-tipping kit.

This means that the forklift driver does not have to leave the premises of the vehicle in order to tip the skip with a conventional manual release handle, saving time and improving health & safety.

ICUS combi tipping skip

An ICUS-1 combi tipping skip


After being happy customers for over 20 years, we were able to provide Driv Incorporated with a brand-new skip that boasts the sturdiness and quality that they already recognised from Invicta. Their new skip is practical for their operations and makes waste disposal a lot quicker and easier.

We would like to thank Driv Incorporated for coming back to Invicta Attachments to help with their operation. We very much look forward to working together in the future.

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