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Forklift Sweeper Attachment The Baby Basil

How your forklift attachments can help you save time

We help our customers overcome many challenges, including saving time. Check out this blog for a brief introduction to some of Invicta’s time-saving devices.

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Case study: Tackling unstable loads for a metal recycler

Take a look at these wide hanger forks we created for a major metal recycler. They have been designed to reduce fork swing with heavy, wide loads, increasing safety and efficiency on site.

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We’re recruiting for an Internal Business Development Manager

We’re looking for a Business Development Manager to join our growing team. Check out the full details and find out how to apply in this article.

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managing director invicta

A day in the life of our …Managing Director, Peter Sharpe

In our last ‘Day in the life of’ blog, we chatted to our Technical Manager, Terry Ryan, about what his work typically involves on a day-to-day basis. Next up, is our Managing Director, Peter Sharpe, who’s been with Invicta for more than two decades! Over to you Pete… Q: What time do you usually start work? […]

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access platforms

Product Focus: Access Platforms

We’re renowned for our industry-leading forklift attachment insight, which helps clients from multiple sectors get on with their work and overcome workplace challenges. In our last product focus blog, we took a closer look at our roll cage lifters. In this post, we’re turning our attention to our forklift truck access platforms. Keep reading for more […]

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forks and attachments

Pick a fork or attachment, any fork or attachment

Here at Invicta, we live and breathe forklift truck forks and attachments And have been for more than 20 years. Because of our experience, we’re renowned for offering the most extensive range of forklift truck forks and attachments around. They’re manufactured in-house to the highest standard by our highly-skilled team. And because of our extensive […]

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manufacturing to stock

What does ‘manufacturing to stock’ mean for our customers?

There are a few things we’re exceptionally good at and extremely proud of here at Invicta. For instance, we’re the largest forklift truck fork and attachment manufacturer in the UK… …Our forklift truck forks and attachments have been used across a wide range of sectors, including construction, retail/wholesale, logistics and waste handling for more than […]

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forklift trip hazards

Five forklift trip hazards to watch out for

Hazards are all around us. From trailing wires and unattended machinery to slippery floors and obstructed doorways, they’re lurking in all sorts of places, including the unlikeliest. Some of them can cause minor incidents, such as slips and trips, while others, can result in serious injuries and fatalities. Regardless of your working environment, it’s essential […]

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forklift truck safety advice

Five-minute overview: Best practice advice for maintaining forklift truck safety

Operating forklift trucks can be a dangerous business and the working environments in which they’re used are not without their risks either. Forklifts are widely used for moving materials and goods, but while their use may be widespread, the stakes are high. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), these vehicles are involved in about […]

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Case study: Bespoke bottom emptying bins for a large brick manufacturer

Take a look at these bespoke bottom emptying bins created for a large brick manufacturer. The bins have been designed to speed up and improve the process of removing and disposing of debris from conveyors, saving valuable hours in manual labour.

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