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Forklift safety 101: Operation and maintenance checklist

Forklifts can be one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in the workplace. This checklist lists the operational and maintenance checks that can help reduce the risks associated with using forklifts.

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Our custom forklift fork manufacturing capabilities – in action

Providing custom forklift forks and attachments is our forte. For an insight into our bespoke capabilities, check out this case study in which we provided one of our customers with a more effective and safer solution to moving ‘big bags’ on and off pallets.

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Mechanical forklift attachments

Why buying a forklift isn’t the only solution….

Investing in different forklifts for different projects isn’t practical, but investing in just one forklift and multiple forklift attachments is…

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bespoke fork mounted frame

Case study: Bespoke fork mounted frame for a glass bottle manufacturer

Take a look at this bespoke fork mounted frame we created for a glass bottle manufacturer. The product has made an everyday task much safer and simpler.

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Designing forks and forklift attachments with the ‘Invicta difference’

We’ve been leading the fork and forklift attachment industry for 20+ years, thanks to the ‘Invicta difference’, which is underpinned by our design and engineering expertise.

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How we’re making a difference in the world of waste handling

Our forklift attachments are making a huge difference in the world of waste handling. Check out this blog for details of the impact five of our attachments are having on the waste and recycling sector.

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Snow Plough

Get ready for Arctic conditions with these forklift ice and snow attachments

Is your business ready for the next Beast from the East? Is it equipped with the right forklift ice and snow attachments? Take a look at this advice to find out.

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A day in the life of…our Warehouse Supervisor

Find out what it’s like running a busy warehouse in this special ‘A day in the life of…’ Q&A blog with our Warehouse Supervisor, Mark Richardson.

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Invicta Myth Busting

Three common myths about forklift attachments – dispelled

There are all sorts of myths associated with forklift fork attachments. We dispels three of them in this blog.

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Case study: Increasing safety and efficiency on-site for Amethyst Homes

Find out how Amethyst Homes increased safety and efficiency on-site by choosing our Auto-Lok Tipping Skips to handle and dispose of waste materials.

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