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Reflecting on 2023: our year in review

As 2023 draws to a close, we wanted to take the opportunity to look back over the past year for Invicta Attachments. It’s been a year of both highlights and challenges, but through it all, we’re incredibly proud of everything the business has achieved.  

We spoke to Aarron Hume, the Sales Manager here at Invicta, to look back over the past year – from highlights like new product launches and team members to the challenges that were faced and how they were overcome.     


Is there a memorable project or success story that stands out from 2023? 

Yes, it’s been a great year overall. Firstly, Invicta won several national supply agreements this year for some of the biggest names in construction and homebuilding, which was huge for us. We launched the Invicta brochure and created all the new sales literature, which was a very interesting project and ultimately very rewarding. We integrated our new CRM system into the business, with great success. We also had a complete refurb of the office which modernised the working environment for all our team.   

Can you tell us about any new products that launched this year?  

We launched two new seasonal products this year. First, the ISP-4 which is our standard Invicta Snow Plough with a Polyethylene Blade. This is great for clearing snow in winter and general yard-clearing in the warmer months, with a blade that’s both durable and flexible. The second new launch was the ISP-ADJ, the Adjustable Blade Snow Plough. This version has an adjustable blade which is a great option for clearing uneven surfaces. Both are great additions to our winter attachments range.      

How does Invicta Attachments stay ahead in terms of product innovation within the forklift attachments market? 

We continually use feedback from our customers, site visits, demonstrations, relationships with key stakeholders, innovation and collaboration to ensure we stay ahead. Our team works extremely closely with customers to develop, implement and perfect the suitability of our attachments. All of this comes together to ensure that when you buy Invicta, you can completely trust in what you buy.  

What have been the most popular attachments this year?  

One of our most popular attachments is the IATS-2D – the Autolocking Tele Skip. We supply these nationally to homebuilders, construction companies, waste companies, builders’ merchants and plant companies, to name a few. We are the largest stockist of fork extensions in the UK, so they are another of our biggest sellers. We also sell large numbers of jibs & hooks in varying designs.


Were there any challenges to overcome this year, and how did Invicta do that?  

The biggest challenge that Invicta experienced this year was probably a very similar story to a lot of other businesses – the economy. Construction has seen one of its toughest years in over a decade. This transcends down into so many other industries in the UK. We have seen some large companies collapse, some of which were household names in their sectors, which was very sad to see. During this time Invicta did what we do best: we showed steadfastness, commitment to our customers, and an unwavering determination to be the very best at what we do. It all comes down to hard work, honesty and personability – we shone through with the Invicta Difference 

Can you tell us about any new team members who have joined Invicta in the last year?  

This year has seen four new members join the Invicta team. We have had Daisy Williams, Jonathan Mann and Ashley Tattersall who have all joined as Account Managers. We’ve also welcomed Jordan Finlay who has joined the warehouse team.  

Looking ahead, what are Invicta’s goals for the coming year? Are there any exciting new projects or products on the horizon?  

We want to build on the success of 2023 and use it as a springboard to propel us into 2024. A couple of new products will be joining our range next year, along with some new additions to the team in several departments – watch this space!  

What do you think sets Invicta apart?  

We live and breathe our visions and values. We are personable problem solvers with a commitment to excellence. But one phrase really encompasses it all, which is ‘The Invicta Difference.’  



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