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Mesh-sided skip attachments – move more material

Mesh-sided skip attachments – get more material moved, more quickly!

Here at Invicta, we pride ourselves on finding practical solutions to the everyday problems of our customers. Waste disposal around site is a laborious part of everyday operations. It’s made more difficult when skips fill up fast, meaning extra trips to empty them, and more wasted time.

When our customers come to us for fast waste disposal, we provide skip attachments. Disposing of high volume/low weight materials – plastic, cardboard, paper – is particularly time consuming. The skip fills quickly with waste and air, despite the skips being able to carry much heavier loads.

Mesh-sided skip attachments – designed for increasing volumes of low weight loads

To counter the problem, we adapted the design of our popular ICUS combi skip attachment. The skip features solid mesh sides, bolted on to the skip’s sides to increase the material load. The mesh provides a greater capacity and means fewer runs to the large yard skip for emptying.

We used to make these skips on request and weld the mesh to the skips. But, having seen how effective and popular they proved, we have made them available for order within a few days. We keep the mesh in stock and bolt it to skips, maintaining our quick turnaround service. The bolt attached mesh-sides can also be ordered and fitted retrospectively, by the customer.

The mesh fits with our range of optional extras, including lids, castors, and auto-tip functionality. Our optional extras are black in colour and enhance or extend the application of your existing attachments. The mesh-sided skip attachment sits within our ever-growing range of forklift skip attachments, all designed to increase the safety and speed of daily operations.

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Our bestselling skip attachments:


The Auto-Lok Tipping Skip

The ability to lift and empty the skip without the operator leaving the safety of the cab is what makes these skips a best seller. Simply drive the forks into the pockets and the automatic mechanism locks itself to the forks of the Telehandler when elevated.

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The Low-Level Skip

The skip can be easily positioned at the end of a conveyor, dross shoot or manufacturing line to collect bi-products below waist level. It is compact and manoeuvrable and can be fitted with automatic tipping at high level with a conversion kit.

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The Bottom Empty Skip

This skip allows for the automatic emptying and the simple but effective disposal of light to medium weight waste. The skips are automatically emptied into high sided yard skips via the base release mechanism, without the driver leaving the safety of his seat.

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The Combi Skip

The 4-way entry base simplifies the handling of materials in confined spaces and makes the combi skip a hugely versatile product for waste disposal indoors and outdoors. The low loading height and secondary locking mechanism make it a safe and practical skip to use.

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