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The secret to improving warehouse safety – captured on camera

Warehouse work can be hazardous for all involved.

Health and safety risks can be found everywhere, regardless of the size and scale of the warehouse environment in question.

And when you add equipment, machinery and vehicles to the mix, then the risks are instantly multiplied on a significant scale. According to the Health and Safety Executive’s latest health and safety stats, being struck by a moving vehicle (39%) and being struck by a moving object (18%) are the top two common causes for fatal injuries.

While lifting and handling (27%) and being struck by a moving object (12%) are among the top three causes for non-fatal injuries.

Employers, managers and supervisors are legally required to make sure warehouse staff carry out their work as safely as possible. And for many, this involves making sure the necessary safety procedures and measures have been implemented and are being followed and regularly monitored.

This can range from making sure staff know how to carry out good housekeeping, i.e. cleaning up spillages, removing obstructions from paths and keeping cables neatly tidied away, to making sure lifting equipment’s used to move loads that exceed the safe working load.

Only allowing staff to drive vehicles if they’re over the age of 18 and have received practical training and making sure vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained can also help keep any vehicle-related accidents to a minimum.

They’re some of the more standard measures warehouse workers take to safeguarding themselves as they go about their daily work. But, as we all know, warehouses are dangerous places, and the risk of injuries and accidents should never be underestimated. What’s more, not all incidents are people-related…


Nothing can be left to chance when it comes to working with equipment or machinery, which is why we’ve developed safety enhancing solutions, such as our anti-slip magnetic rubber fork covers. Available in two options – light duty and versatile – these covers help prevent loads from slipping. They also reduce load damage and scratches too.

See the difference they can make for yourself. Check out our the short video above of a pallet being moved with and without our covers and you’ll immediately see how they can keep pallets, and other loads, firmly in place.


To find out more about how our magnetic fork covers can help improve safety in your warehouse or to speak to us about any specific forklift truck attachment requirements you may have, contact us on 0113 277 1222 or



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