Rubber Fork Blade Covers

Product Description

The Versatile Magnetic Rubber Fork Cover is ideal for use when increased friction is needed between the forks of the forklift truck and the product to be lifted to prevent slippage of load. When picking up a finished product with the Magnetic Covers, the finished surface is protected from accidental damage.

Approximate lead time: Approx 2-3 days


Specification Sheet (PDF)

Product Variations

Model Cover Width (mm) Cover Size Range - Length (mm) Cover Size Range - Width (mm) Approximate Thickness (mm) Price Qty
IMRC-80/960/1400 80 960-1300 80 7-9 Call/Enquire for prices
IMRC-100/1000/1400 98 1000-1150 100 7-9 Call/Enquire for prices
IMRC-100/1150/1400 98 1200-1370 100 7-9 Call/Enquire for prices
IMRC-100/1370/1700 98 1400-1550 100 7-9 Call/Enquire for prices
IMRC-120/960/1400 118 1000-1150 120-130 7-9 Call/Enquire for prices
IMRC-120/1150/1550 118 1200-1370 120-130 7-9 Call/Enquire for prices
IMRC-120/1370/1550 118 1400-1550 120-130 7-9 Call/Enquire for prices
IMRC-1201650/2000 118 1700-2000 120-130 7-9 Call/Enquire for prices


  • Position forks to desired distance apart and at waist height.
  • Ensure the forks surface is clean, dry and free from foreign objects.
  • Identify the magnetic side of the cover and face down toward the fork, position the point of the cover approximately 20 – 30mm from the fork tip.
  • Holding the opposite end to the tip, roll the fork cover over the length fork towards the truck and test for correct adherence and alignment ensuring the covers do not protrude over the edge of the fork. Note a small section of the cover will attach to the fork back (Shank).
  • The Magnetic rubber fork covers are now ready for use.
  • Removal is the opposite of installation.


  • The Magnetic rubber fork covers should be inspected before use for general condition with attention paid to: A – Splits and tears in the rubber surface, B – Debris stuck to the magnetic surface.
  • Damage or failure must be reported and rectified immediately prior to re-use.

Health & Safety

  • The manager of the department or section where the attachment is to be used must be responsible for ensuring the operators are fully conversant with the attachment, its operation, maintenance and correct installation.
  • While positioning the fork covers, keep fingers free of the spaces between the fork surface and the covers due to risk of crushing between the surfaces.
  • Do not wear metal based necklaces, bracelets etc. as they will be attracted to the magnetic field generated by the magnets on the bottom side of the fork covers.
  • It is recommended that suitable gloves are worn for the installation.
  • When not in use the covers can be attached to the side of the truck (Outer mast channel, truck chassis, overhead guard legs for example).


    Standard Features

  • Easy to install and remove in seconds without the need of tool
  • Fixes securely to forks
  • Resistant to abrasions, atmospheric agents and oil
  • Improves noise reduction
  • Lightweight therefore does not affect trucks lift capacity
  • Stores on any flat metal surface when not in use e.g. truck side.
  • *80mm wide option is supplied with edge guard as standard - Not available in any other size
  • (Extra-long covers available for 2150-2500mm fork lengths ranging from 120-200mm wide section