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Product focus: Auto-emptying Boat skips

Image of an Invicta Boat Skips

Boat skips – Product Focus

We manufacture almost every type of skip attachment imaginable, ranging from site skips and automatic bottom emptying skips, to combi skips, low level skips, and even, skip compactors.

In this product focus post, we talk you through our boat skips, which are available within just two to three working days.

IBS---Boat-Skip-productWhat are they used for?

Our range of Boat Skips features a specific self-dumping system to make it quicker, easier and safer for our customers to transport materials. They are generally used in addition to a regular waste skip on-site, and are used primarily for moving building products like cement.

The most beneficial feature of these attachments is that they’re designed to be lifted and emptied automatically, significantly reducing the risk of workers being injured while operating. What’s more, the design is so robust, that these skips can be used in virtually any working environment.

Here are some of the key standard features:

Self-dumping mechanism – no manual intervention needed

1,000kg, 2,000kg and 3,000kg capacity – to meet all requirements

Low loading height – making them easier to fill

Bail arm rest when not in use – for added safety

Integral locking bale arm once lifted – for safer operation

Reinforced body sides, rear and leading edge – built to hold heavy loads and to last

Painted bright orange – to make sure they stand out

What are the options?

Our boat skips are available in three different models, the IBS-500, IBS-1000 and IBS-1500, which vary according to their capacity and overall dimensions. The table below sets out the different options below:

Model Nominal capacity (l) Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) Overall height (mm) Lip height (mm) Body length Body width Body height
IBS-500 1,000 1,000 100 1,080 380 1,280 980 600
IBS-1000 1,500 2,000 230 1,360 400 1,680 1,280 860
IBS-1500 500 3,000 300 1,370 640 1,700 1,340 860

Where can I find out more?

For more details about the boat skips highlighted in this post or for something more bespoke, contact us on 0113 277 1222 or You’ll also find more information, including technical specifications, here.

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