Invicta introduces new range of products

//Invicta introduces new range of products

Invicta introduces new range of products

Here at Invicta, we have been busy developing a range of new products to offer you just in time for the winter weather. Not only do we have a variety of attachments designed to help you keep your operation running whatever the weather, we also have items you can make use of all year round.

Hydraulic Gritter


To keep your staff and visitors on the safe side this winter, we have introduced the hydraulic gritter. With conveniently placed fork pockets, this clever machine allows the safe and effective spreading of salt using a forklift truck.

Find out more by visiting the Hydraulic Gritter product page.

Hydraulic Tele-Sweeper

If your yard is starting to look a bit grubby and sweeping by hand would be far too time-consuming, make use of the machinery you have on-site by attaching a hydraulic tele-sweeper.

Connected to the telehandler with the supplied hydraulic hoses, the 2.30m brush will have the ground gleaming in no time. Collecting waste as it sweeps, it can be used in the most demanding of environments.

Learn more by watching the video of the hydraulic tele-sweeper in action.

Tool Vault


Made from 3mm thick steel, our new tool vault could be the ideal solution for storing your tools and equipment while on site. With hydraulic dampers facilitating the opening of the lid, it provides maximum security and minimum risk.

Find out more by visiting the Tool Vault product page.

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If you haven’t found what you are looking for, don’t give up hope. We have so many products to offer, we can’t possibly let you know about all of them at once. Contact us today to find out about the bespoke solutions we can offer to meet your exact requirements.