Little Things Matter

//Little Things Matter

Little Things Matter

An enquiry to replace existing old and damaged skips recently arrived at Invicta from a major manufacturer of quality static homes.
The Yorkshire based company pride themselves on their quality of workmanship and attention to detail, and were now looking to replace older roll forward skips which had been repaired many times over the years by their own welding / fabrication shop, but which were now not fit for purpose as the tipping mechanism had become worn, damaged and unreliable, and the visual appearance of the skip bodies did not meet with their criteria.

Having visited site and viewed the requirements, a design was put forward to the site contact which would not only offer a safe method of handling the varying waste on site, but also increased the existing volume of the skips to reduce the handling times throughout the busy shift patterns on site. The units are strategically placed around the site, for waste stream segregation, and are generally left outside the building, meaning they are subject to the vagaries of the weather.

Eight new skips measuring 2500mm wide with different colours for the waste stream (Red, Green & White) were subsequently ordered & put into production at Invicta.

Delivered within the time frame required, the customer was quick to notice the overall build quality of the skip, including the increased strength with extra gussets in place around the tipping rockers and the strength of the release mechanism along with the secondary locking mechanism to avoid accidental discharge of the skip.

“The customer is very happy with the construction,” says Terry Ryan, Invicta’s customer support manager, “something we’re delighted with considering their own business ethos. Extra gussets have been built into the tipping rockers to assist with long term utilisation, drainage holes located in the bottom of each body to avoid the skips filling up with water, plus there is additional strengthening to the release mechanism and heel pin retention areas. It makes for a durable and cost-effective package.”

Once the units had been on a site for short while, the customer has now taken a further decision to fit the units with the auto release mechanism to avoid the operators having to leave their seat to activate the tipping. These are to be retrofitted to the existing units, and future units will come with the feature pre-installed from the factory.

“All in all, another satisfied customer who now has further requirements for additional units, along with more standard tipping skips for general use on site, together with fork replacements and extensions as required.”