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What does ‘manufacturing to stock’ mean for our customers?

There are a few things we’re exceptionally good at and extremely proud of here at Invicta.

For instance, we’re the largest forklift truck fork and attachment manufacturer in the UK…

…Our forklift truck forks and attachments have been used across a wide range of sectors, including construction, retail/wholesale, logistics and waste handling for more than 20 years…

…And we manufacture to stock, not just to order.


But what does this really mean for our customers?

In a nutshell, it means that new and existing customers can pop into our site at the Whitehall Road Industrial Estate in Leeds and pick up whatever forklift truck fork or attachment they need, just like this happy customer did recently…

Bulk orders are no problem for us either. You see, we manufacture a huge range of products, from forks, tines and extensions, to mechanical attachments, grabs and skips, ourselves right here on-site.

As a result, we have an extensive range of industry-leading standard forklift attachments in stock in our warehouses at any one time, ready and waiting to be immediately despatched or collected. See what we mean….

Thanks to our market-leading stock holding capabilities, we can turn around orders within just three or five days, or even the next day, rather than two to three weeks.

It’s one of the many reasons why our customers use us time-and-time again. That, and the fact that we can help significantly reduce their forklift downtime by providing them with the fork or attachment they need quickly and with minimum hassle.


Need a forklift truck fork or attachment fast? Come visit our site and take a look at our extensive range of stock for yourself or check out our product gallery. Alternatively, contact us on 0113 277 1222 or


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