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Top 3 forks and attachments for warehousing and distribution

Warehousing and distribution – the top 3 products

Making processes faster, safer and easier is the reason we exist

The right forks, forklift attachments and fork extensions do exactly this. Within a warehouse, factory or distribution setting, materials handling, and waste disposal are an important – and time consuming – part of day to day operations.

By speaking to and working with warehouse and distribution operative over the decades, we’ve come to understand some of the slowest and inefficient parts of the job. But this has helped us design and supply forks and attachments to make things easier.

Take a look at the top 3 products we supply for materials handing within warehouse and distribution settings:


Top 3 products – Warehousing and distribution


The ICUS range of skips

Forklift skip attachments are a popular product across industries because of their versatility. They make light work of materials and waste transportation and disposal. The range is CE-marked and provided with the latest health and safety test certification.

  • Automatic bottom empty skip
  • Low level skip
  • Combi skip
  • Bespoke tipping skip
  • Auto lock tipping skip


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IFE range of fork extensions

Whatever products you produce or supply, you’ll have your own pallet sizes and weights to contend with. It’s uncommon that one-size-fits-all with forklift forks and it’s more efficient to make sure your fork lengths are matched to what’s being transported.

That’s why warehousing and distribution operatives turn to us to kit out their forklifts with an array of forklift extensions to suit their daily operations.

You can browse the fork extensions available on our website here, or it’s possible to request bespoke fork extensions made to the exact dimensions you need.


The IAP range of Platforms

Fork mounted platforms make accessing stock, goods or hard to reach areas safe and easy. Being able to access where you need to with ease and speed is fundamental to efficient warehouse and distribution operations.

Could you use the extra reach around your premises? Look at some of the fork mounted access platforms we supply to warehouses and distribution centres.

Like all our products, the 3 ranges above can be adapted to fit specific requirements. We regularly take standard attachment designs and amend them to fit a customer’s specific challenge. Look at some of the other products we’ve made bespoke in our case studies.


Got a question about any of our forklift forks or attachments? Contact us on 0113 277 1222 or

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