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The Invicta way of clearing ice with a forklift gritter attachment

Grit a load of this… The Invicta way of clearing ice with a forklift gritter attachment

At the time of writing this post, weather forecasters were predicting the UK will be battered by snow for two weeks and the wintry conditions will worsen the closer it gets to Christmas.

By the time Christmas Day arrives, temperatures are expected to plummet to as low as -8C and the freezing temperatures are expected to stick around for some time.


Are your business operations snow and ice-proof?

For the rest of this year and the start of 2020, it’s inevitable we’ll all experience icy conditions, and some of us will have to contend with snow, depending on whereabouts you are in the UK.

What sort of an impact will this have on your day-to-day operations? Will you still be able to plough on through or will the adverse weather conditions grind everything to a halt?

One way to make sure the icy conditions don’t slow you down is to weatherproof your site(s), using your forklift and one of our forklift gritter attachments.

Clearing ice with a forklift gritter attachment:

✔️ Takes seconds – thanks to the front-mounted spreader that can store up to 250kg of salt.

✔️ Utilises your existing equipment – simply use the attachment to adapt your forklifts.

✔️ Protects your profits – because you can still keep going through the ice and snow.

✔️ Works wonders – it’ll keep your operations moving all winter.

Take a look at this video to see the gritter in action:

What are the features at a glance?

  • Hardwearing stainless-steel disc
  • Spread adjustable from 1.3m to 9m
  • Flat mesh top plus access hatch
  • Hydraulically powered via the forklift truck
  • Zinc plated heel pins for safe attachment
  • Maximum fork section 125mm x 50mm
  • Bright yellow visible design

Talk to us today about how our forklift gritter attachments can make sure the weather doesn’t stop you in your tracks this winter. You can reach us on 0113 277 1222 or


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