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Case study: Preventing product damage for a pipe manufacturer

Rubber bonded fork extensions


A major manufacturer of plastic coiled pipes got in touch with Invicta regarding a problem they were having transporting products.

Whilst handling large pipe coils, the internal surface of the pipes was becoming damaged by the standard forks on the forklift trucks. The manufacturer was looking to reduce damage costs and limit customer returns by resolving the issue for good.

The challengeRubber bonded fork extensions

Following a site visit, we were able to get to grips with the problem. The damage was being caused to the internal surface of large diameter coiled pipes, manufactured from coloured plastic. The plastic was being scored and scuffed against the steel forks.

The solution

The simple answer was to remove the friction between the steel forks and plastic pipes, preventing lasting damage. We designed a pair of convex fork extensions, complete with rubber vulcanized coating and replaceable tips.

The rubber bonded fork extensions were manufactured to fit the current forks. The design was kept slim and the units are held in place by heel pin retention, making the products easy and safe to operate. A hot-cured 10mm rubber bonding was applied down the length of the 3000mm extensions to soften the surface and prevent slippage.

The front 100mm of the extension includes a replaceable nose piece. When the rubber wears out, the nose pieces can be replaced cost-effectively. We provided the customer with a spare set of these nose pieces to avoid any future downtime and we’ll re-vulcanise the tips as required.

This is a bespoke solution that not only solves the immediate problem but also saves the customer time in the long run. The bespoke rubber fork extensions will limit the cost and hassle caused by damaged pipes. It will also increase productivity when loading vehicles.

Do you have a similar problem that you’d like to fix? Talk to us today and we’ll help you design forks or attachments to fit.  

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