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Forklift safety 101: Operation and maintenance checklist

Forklift safety for every day

Forklifts provide a practical materials handling solution for many businesses, yet there’s no getting away from the fact they continue to be associated with workplace deaths and injuries year-on-year.

According to figures released by the Health and Safety Executive, forklifts are involved in around a quarter of all workplace transport-related accidents.

At Invicta, we create forks and forklift attachments that help customers get more from their current forklift trucks. These products are designed to safely adapt the capacity or operational uses of a vehicle. All too often, forklift operators try to test or push the limitations of their vehicle without considering the safety implications. And this is where accidents can happen.

But many forklift-related accidents can be avoided if forklift operators incorporate the correct operational and maintenance checks into their processes. Take a look at what they are in the below checklist.


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