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Celebrating over 20 years at Invicta with Michelle

Our General Manager, Michelle, is the beating heart of Invicta. With over 20 years in the forklift industry, Michelle’s experience is the basis of the customer excellence we provide here at Invicta. Michelle is a true expert in her field, and we have been lucky to have her with us for 21 years.

Michelle celebrated 20 years with Invicta last year, during the pandemic and various lockdowns. We thought we’d take the opportunity to look back and celebrate the working milestone. We caught up with Michelle to ask her about the past two decades and working life here at Invicta.

michelleHi Michelle. When did you start working at Invicta and what was your role?

Back in 2000, I was working for an OEM forklift company that shut down a local branch. Invicta had been one of my accounts and when I was asked to join the company, I jumped at the chance.

When I joined Invicta, the team was relatively small. My role was varied, and I did a bit of everything. Sales, quotes, cash collections, purchase ledgers, and dispatching orders. You could say my role was doing what was needed to be done to win the order and get the bills paid!

How has Invicta changed and grown over the years?  

Two decades ago, Invicta was predominantly a supplier to forklift truck companies. We’ve now grown and regularly supply end user sectors, including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, retail, waste, recycling, warehousing, and logistics.

Our product range grew to accommodate these customers and we employed more staff to better serve our customer and their business needs. We now have a large number of full time staff working across the office and warehouse.


How has your role developed within this?

I’ve developed with the business over the years, taking on new responsibilities. My role has evolved, which has enabled me to progress as a person. I’m in a nice position now as I oversee day to day operations, but I still get to stay in direct contact with our customers.

No day is the same for a general manager. I have an active role in all aspects from logistics, sales, and accounts, along with anything else that needs resolving and lands my way!

What challenges have you seen the business overcome?

Over the years there have been many challenges. Like many businesses, covid-19 was the biggest challenge for everyone. At Invicta, it was hard work, but we carried on supplying the customers that needed us. Once things started to level out, we came out of the other end busier and stronger.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

Working at Invicta, I never wake up in the morning and think ‘Oh god, I really don’t want to go into work today.’ I enjoy that every day is different, from the challenges to the successes. The company is a great one to work for and I am surrounded by a great team.

How would you describe the team?   

It sounds like cliché, but like a family. I work with people who genuinely care about the customers we supply and the service we offer. We have a great working environment, and we all help each other throughout the day. Everyone plays a part in achieving the end goal.

Why do you think Invicta has stood the test of time?

We provide a quality British product at a competitive price, with great service. On the rare occasion something goes wrong, we put it right as quickly as possible. Our customers know we go above and beyond to get them the product they need – even if that means designing something new. They trust the service we provide and can rely on our expertise.

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