Invicta minimises risk and boosts efficiency with new Tipping Skip

//Invicta minimises risk and boosts efficiency with new Tipping Skip

Invicta minimises risk and boosts efficiency with new Tipping Skip

Invicta Forks & Attachments has recently revealed a new fork-mounted tipping skip in an effort to reduce the risk of accidents on site while improving productivity.

With the introduction of the Auto-Lok Tipping Skip, Invicta, the largest manufacturer of mechanical fork attachments in the UK, offers its construction customers a safer and more convenient tipping process.

Fully automatic engagement allows operators to stay in the comfort and safety of their cab for the whole duration of the tipping skip’s use. Just driving into the fork pockets and picking up the skip will see it ready to tip, while the automatic locking mechanism ensures the attachment stays in place during operation.

The high-quality water tight body and reinforced loading edge means the skip is suitable for the safe and simple tipping of all types of materials. The chassis provides four-way entry pockets to allow the skip to be positioned from all four sides, and two easily replaceable tensions springs means maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

“Our new Auto-Lok tipping skip brings safety and simplicity to a whole new level,” says Peter Sharpe, managing director at Invicta. “We’ve designed the automatic locking mechanism to eliminate the need to get out of the cab. Our customers have immediately noticed the difference in the speed and safety of operation, allowing operators to get on with their work and not exit the cab, which is the safest place for them.”

The introduction of the Auto-Lok Tipping Skip comes after Invicta revealed their Auto Tipping Skip for the industrial market last year, in recognition of a safety hazard on standard tipping skips, which often saw operators standing on mud guards or climbing the side of the yard skip to reach the release mechanism.

“At its inception over a decade ago, the auto-tipping mechanism was a specific model, and welded in place,” Peter adds. “Today, as manufacturing procedures have developed and customers have seen the value of the feature, we are able to bolt it on to our standard skip range. It means our industrial customers can still add it at a later date, even if they currently don’t have the need for the high-level tipping function.”

Peter concludes: “Here at Invicta, we have a proven track record for providing solutions for both the construction and industrial markets, and I’m pleased we are able to achieve the same outcome of keeping operators safe without compromising efficiency for both trades.”

For further information on the Auto-Lok Tipping Skip, head to the product page or contact Invicta today to find out about the huge range of bespoke materials handling solutions your business could benefit from.