Coil Booms

Coil Booms

Coil booms are designed for a variety of applications when steel coils, concrete tubes, industrial floor coverings need to be handled. As each and every application is relatively unique, we design and manufacture each attachment to suit its intended environment. Both carriage and fork mounted versions are available.

Standard Features

  • High tensile machined pole
  • Smooth surface finish to protect the intended load to be lifted
  • Zinc plated heel pins / bolt on bottom hangers for safe attachment to truck
  • Painted bright orange / matt black for safety

This product is made to order and therefore bespoke to your application / site conditions. In order to formulate and submit a quotation, we require the following basic information:

  • Product length
  • Internal and external diameter of product
  • Product weight
  • Fork size / carriage class on forklift