Fork Mounted Snow Plough Fork Mounted Snow Plough Fork Mounted Snow Plough

Product Description

Although potentially a seasonal attachment, the fork mounted Snow Plough is invaluable when the clearing of freshly fallen or compacted snow is required to ease vehicle or pedestrian access i.e. car parks, access roads and service yards. Often used by our customers as yard scrapers out of the wintry months.

Approximate lead time: Approx 2-3 days


Specification Sheet (PDF)

Product Variations

Model Weight (kg) C of G (mm) Blade Width (mm) Price Qty
ISP-1 95 680 1250 Call/Enquire for prices
ISP-2 118 730 1500 Call/Enquire for prices
ISP-3 130 780 1800 Call/Enquire for prices


  • Position the forks to the correct distance apart to locate into fork pockets.
  • Drive forks fully into fork pockets.
  • Tighten thumb screws ensuring that they are adequately tightened.
  • The attachment is now ready for use.


  • The Fork Mounted Snow Plough should be inspected weekly for general condition with particular attention paid to: A – All weld points, B – Wear and distortion of fork pockets and thumb screws, C – Any damaged/worn components
  • Damage or failure must be reported and rectified immediately prior to re-use of the attachment.
  • General surface rusting especially in the critical areas should be treated with proprietary inhibitors, primers and paint on a regular basis.
  • Regular inspection of the wear blade should be made and its position adjusted so as to ensure that the main Snow Blade is clear of wear.
  • After each use clean the plough down with water to remove any salt residue.

Health & Safety

  • The manager of the department or section where the attachment is to be used must be responsible for ensuring the operators are fully conversant with the attachment, its operation, maintenance and that the thumb screws are fully tightened.
  • Do not drive into the fork pockets without retracting the thumb screws.
  • Do not shock load the attachment under any circumstances.
  • Ensure that the area to be cleared is free of speed humps and/or raised kerbs etc so as to prevent damage to the Snow Plough Blade.
  • Always Plough inline with the gradient of the road surface.
  • Drive the Snow Plough ensuring that the Skids/Castors are in contact with the road surface at all times.


    Standard Features

  • Fixed left hand sweep angle – 15 degrees
  • Detachable bolted steel wear strip
  • Stand skids to ensure level scraping
  • Zinc plated twist screws for safe attachment to truck
  • Maximum fork section 150 x 60 mm at 683 mm centres
  • Finished fully galvanized

    Optional Features

  • Rubber blade insert