Standard Mechanical Grab Standard Mechanical Grab Standard Mechanical Grab Standard Mechanical Grab Standard Mechanical Grab

Product Description

Designed to lift, move and release numerous types of block and brick packs safely on a building site or yard. Fully mechanically operated via the forklift (without the driver leaving the safety of his seat) or via an overhead crane / HIAB.

Approximate lead time: Approx 2-3 days


Specification Sheet (PDF)

Product Variations

Model Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) C of G (mm) Span (mm) Internal Height (mm) Overall Height (mm) Overall Width (mm) Pad Length (mm) Price Qty
ISG-5 2000 270 750 600-1130 100-925 1430 1500 1200 Call/Enquire for prices


  • Fit the rubber pads arms to the foot of the grab (if not already fitted) and attach with two safety lynch pins per pad arm.
  • Insert the lifting pin from the Self Locating Yoke (separate attachment) or the swivel hook (separate attachment) through the lifting eye of the Scissor grab.
  • With the unit in the locked open position proceed towards your intend pack (if the unit is not in the open position fully close the grab and lift again).
  • Adjust the actuator wheels (Model ISG-5 only) so that when the white nylon wheels make contact with the top of the pack the rubber pads arms are positioned within the bottom half of the bottom row of blocks (the actuator wheels are positioned by retracting the sprung loaded pin from the positioning hole then slide the actuator wheel assembly to its new desired position ensuring that both sides are in the same corresponding holes).
  • Lift the grab so that it is positioned directly above the intend pack and lower the grab until the actuator wheels are resting on the pack (do not slam the grab down on the pack) and the grab has fully closed. Once closed begin to lift, the rubber pad arms will then begin to close on to the bottom block of the pack, continue to lift until the grab has lifted the pack clear of the ground/pallet.
  • Once the pack is clear slide a restraint net (optional extra) under the pack and hook the net into the four profiled restraint net hooks in the main frame (this must be adhered to if lifting overhead).
  • Drive the forklift to the desire position and then lower the grab until the pack comes into contact with a firm surface and actuator wheels once again resting on the pack (remove the net prior to this if fitted). The rubber pads arms will now have released from the bottom block, but then continue to lower until the grab has fully closed.
  • Lift the grab clear of the pack and the unit will now be in its fully locked open position ready for the next operation.


  • The Scissor Grab should be inspected weekly for general condition with particular attention paid to: A – All weld points, B – Wear & distortion of lifting eyes and rubber pad arms, C – Any damaged components, D – Locks & latches, E – Security of all nuts and bolts, F – Security and condition of Rubber Pads
  • General surface rusting especially in critical areas should be treated with proprietary inhibitors, primers and paint on a regular basis.
  • All hinges, latches, locks, hinge points and springs must be kept lightly greased.
  • Damage or failure must be reported or rectified immediately prior to re-use of the grab.
  • This product is certified for six (6) months from the date of manufacture after which it is the customer’s responsibility to have the product re-tested at an approved testing facility or inspected and logged in a register by a competent person as advised by the HSE.

Health & Safety

  • The manager of the department or section where the attachment is to be used must be responsible for ensuring the operators are fully conversant with the attachment, its operation and maintenance.
  • Never lift an unstable pack of blocks.
  • Ensure all packs are banded together.
  • Never stand between or under the grab under any circumstances.
  • Always use a restraint net when lifting overhead.
  • Ensure that the grab is lifting on the centre of gravity of its intended load.
  • Never grab beyond halfway up on a block on the bottom row of a pack.
  • Keep hands and fingers clear of all moving parts so as to prevent trapping.
  • Never shock load the grab when loaded as this may result in losing the load.
  • Always ensure that the grab is fully closed between each operation so as to ensure that the release mechanism correctly rotates.

    Standard Features

  • External handles for ease of positioning
  • Adjustable internal pack height
  • Profiled hooks for attachment of optional safety net
  • Fully automatic mechanism
  • Segmented interchanged rubber pads
  • Painted bright orange for safety

    Optional Features

  • Restraint Net
  • Fork Mounted Yoke – refer to separate specification sheet