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Product Description

The Boot Wash Station (Sometimes known as a Boot Wash Trough) is an inexpensive and easy to install unit which helps to keep your site buildings clean and safe. Our innovative design has made it easier than ever to effectively clean site boots and footwear. The in-line version (IL) covers usage of up to 3 workers at a time whereas the back to back version (BTB) covers two persons at a time. The BTB is advantageous when space is at a minimum.

*Image shown is model: IBWS-IL

Approximate lead time: 2-3 days. If for any reason this product is currently out of stock one of our team will give you a call to discuss expected lead times.


Specification Sheet (PDF)

Product Variations

Model Width (mm) Height (mm) Length (mm) Type Price Qty
IBWS-IL 710 1100 1460 3-Person Call/Enquire for prices
IBWS-BTB 710 1100 1460 2-Person Call/Enquire for prices


The Boot Wash Station is installed by fitting the outer pipe to a water source. Clean boots and footwear by placing them on the grill (while wearing) and use the taps and brushes to clear away dirt. Waste water and dirt is collected below for disposal. Up to 3 workers can use the station at a time.

Relevant Applications

    Standard Features

  • Plumbing Waste System to sump to remove internal waste water.
  • Lightweight robust plastic sub-frame.
  • Water flow through each brush with individual isolator
  • Heavy duty galvanized foot grid.
  • Finished in bright orange and silver.

    Optional Features

  • Conjoining piece to extend to multiple boot washes.

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Boot Wash Station

Created using our innovative design capabilities, our Boot Wash Station is an effective cleaning solution for sites where dirty footwear can be a concern. A boot washing station allows visitors and workers alike to clean their shoes or boots quickly and easily, promoting hygiene and increasing safety measures on-site. It works by connecting to a water source. Users can then use the taps and brushes attached to the cleaning station to easily clear and rinse away any mud, dirt or dust. Dirty wastewater is collected below the boot cleaning station for easy disposal.

Easy and efficient

  • A boot washing station is a great addition to many working environments – particularly building and manufacturing.
  • It offers an easy and efficient way to eradicate the problem of mess caused by dirty shoes in areas like site cabins and designated clean zones.
  • Our boot cleaning station is available in two sizes which can accommodate two or three people at a time.