Dust Suppression Kit Dust Suppression Kit Dust Suppression Kit

Product Description

Designed to keep construction site dust at bay with a quick and cost effective attachment which can be fitted to most IBC’s. The unit has been designed to distribute the water in front of the forklift / telehandler and also sideways to allow maximum coverage.

Approximate lead time: 2-3 days. If for any reason this product is currently out of stock one of our team will give you a call to discuss expected lead times.


Specification Sheet (PDF)

Product Variations

Model Overall Pipe Length (mm) Pipe Diameter (mm) Price Qty
IDSK-1 130 15 Call/Enquire for prices



  1. Unscrew existing IBC cap.
  2. Align dust suppression kit to existing thread on the IBC.
  3. Turn the dust suppression kit fixing cap clockwise until tight, to ensure the fitment is secure.
  4. Ensure both left & right pipe holes are facing downwards.
  5. The attachment is now ready for use.


  1. Drive to desired location with the stop tap closed.
  2. Release stop tap to allow water to flow through the pipes.
  3. Proceed to drive at a brisk walking pace or desired speed.
  4. Once the operation is complete, ensure stop tap is now closed.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety

  1. Ensure the IBC & dust suppression kit has not suffered a front impact, causing damage to the pipe work.
  2. Check the kit is securely fixed before operation is carried out.

Please note the fuller the IBC, the greater the water pressure will be therefore will result in a more effective output.


    Standard Features

  • Quick screw fixing directly onto the IBC
  • Two water distribution pipes with pre-determined holes