Crane Mounted Drum Tilter

Product Description

Regardless of access the Crane Slung Drum Tilter allows the safe discharge from steel and plastic drums with minimal ease within any confined space, with the option of crank handle or looped chain for low or elevated level controlled discharge.

Approximate lead time: Approx 2-3 days


Specification Sheet (PDF)

Product Variations

Model Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) C of G (mm) Mounting Type Type of Control Price Qty
ICTL-1.0 360 50 50 Crane Crank Handle Call/Enquire for prices
ICTL-2.0 360 75 50 Crane Looped Chain Call/Enquire for prices


  • Suspend the Drum Tilter from the lifting eye, with a suitable lifting attachment.
  • Rotate the pressed hoop so that it is horizontal with the finished floor level.
  • Position pressed half hoop between the two centre ribs of the drum also ensuring that the 3 slide prevention plates are within the ribs.
  • Insert each strap into ratchet and pull tight.
  • Fully tighten both straps ensuring a minimum of 2 rotations of the spindle, a maximum of 3 and snap into ratchet housing.
  • The attachment is now ready for use.


  • The Drum Tilter should be inspected weekly for general condition with particular attention paid to: A – All weld points, B – Any damaged/worn components, C – General condition of ratchet webbing strap (NOTE: Do not use straps which are showing signs of tears, cuts, nicks and damage. Avoid chemical contact with the polyester webbing. Avoid exposure to excessive heat.), D – Security of bearing and gearbox
  • Damage or failure must be reported and rectified immediately prior to re-use of the attachment.
  • General surface rusting especially in the critical areas should be treated with proprietary inhibitors, primers and paint on a regular basis.
  • Bearing and gearbox should be kept free of debris and lightly greased.
  • This product is certified for six (6) months from the date of manufacture after which it is the customer’s responsibility to have the product re-tested at an approved testing facility or inspected and logged in a register by a competent person as advised by the HSE.

Health & Safety

  • The manager of the department or section where the attachment is to be used must be responsible for ensuring the operators are fully conversant with the attachment, its operation and maintenance.
  • Ensure both the truck and attachments are capable of handling the intended load and its contents.
  • Ensure that the ratchet strap is correctly positioned and adequately tightened prior to each use.
  • Ensure only vertical lifts are made and not angular lifts when using this attachment.
  • Do not shock load the attachment under any circumstances.

    Standard Features

  • Robust gearbox allowing drum to be locked and held at any angle
  • Three point mechanical restraints to prevent drum slippage
  • Twin 50mm wide webbing strap with ratchet restraint
  • Painted bright orange for safety

    Optional Features

  • Plastic drum adaptor
  • Fork mounting frame