Automatic Crane Forks


The Automatic Crane Forks effectively convert a hoist or overhead crane into a pallet moving tool, in some circumstances replacing a fork truck. There are also many applications where a fork trucks cannot be operated due to a lack of floor space. These crane forks are equipped with adjustable forks, height adjustable and an automatic [...]

Bolt-on Forks


There are a variety of hole centre configurations for bolt on forks which are specific to the make of attachment that they are fitted to, with no industry standards as they are with ITA forks. Drillings can be through the front or rear of the forks and either plain or tapped. Download Details

Folding Forks


Folding forks are predominately used when space is an issue. The fork hinges just above the heel to fold vertically and is held in place with a retention chain. Cross sectional lifting capacity is reduced by 50% over standard ITA forks. Download Details