Basil Family’s Newest Baby

//Basil Family’s Newest Baby

Basil Family’s Newest Baby

Invicta Attachments has a small new arrival to its Basil family of sweepers – the Eco 1200.

A low-cost fork mounted brush offers a quick and easy solution for builders’ merchants, garden centres and other business with loose granule products such as sand, top soil or grain.

The Basil Eco 1200 is the newest ‘mini’ version of the brush, adding the option of use in smaller or tighter areas that require cleaning, such as narrow doorways.

“The Basil has been a very popular addition to the range,” explains Invicta managing director, Peter Sharpe. “There is obviously the need for cleanliness and professional appearances where members of the public are concerned, but also health and safety implications to having an untidy yard.”

The new arrival was prompted by customer feedback and a need to tackle small areas, without the expensive of purchasing floor cleaning equipment.

The Basil Eco 1200 durable blue nylon brushes provide over 400 miles of performance, and can even be used to efficiently sweep standing water or snow. With unique interchangeable bristles, customers can easily switch their location within the brush head, to ensure even wear and extended product life.

Optional left and right hand sweep gives you the versatility of clearing your yard, roadway, footpaths or warehouse, whilst thumbscrew retention makes it simple and quick to attach.

Invicta Forks and Attachments is the largest manufacturer of mechanical fork attachments in the UK, stocking many product lines from tipping skips and work platforms through to lifting jibs and drum handling equipment. The new Basil sweeper is now available from stock.

See the Basil in action here: Product Details & Video

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