Light Duty Magnetic Rubber Fork Cover

//Light Duty Magnetic Rubber Fork Cover

Light Duty Magnetic Rubber Fork Cover


A strong and robust fork cover to reduce slippage and damage of the product on the blades of the Fork Lift truck and Pallet Truck Forks. Installation to the forks is efficient and completed in a matter of seconds. When not in use, the covers can be stored on the Fork Lift mast or overhead guard.


Model Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness (mm) Type
IASP-100/1200M 100 1200 4 Magnetic
IASP-120/1200M 120 1200 4 Magnetic
IASP-100/1500M/HD 100 1500 5 Heavy Duty Magnetic
IASP-150/1000M/HD 150 1000 5 Heavy Duty Magnetic


See the difference between a standard fork and the light magnetic rubber fork


Standard Features

  • Easy to install
  • Increases friction between load and forks
  • Reduces noise of loads bouncing on forks
  • Easily trimmed to length if necessary


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