Fork Sleeves & Rubber Bonded Faces

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Fork Sleeves & Rubber Bonded Faces

Bonded Faces Forks Attachments

Bonded Faces

It is inevitable that occasional damage will occur between product and forklift fork.

This damage will never be eradicated but can be vastly reduced by the bonding of rubber to the fork faces that come into contact with the product.

The image depicts the bonding of the vertical fork face; however both the vertical and horizontal can be bonded.

Removable Fork Sleeve Attachments

Removable Sleeve

If the primary function of the forklift is pallet work and the occasional lift of a finished product is needed, the removable sleeve is an ideal solution. One of the biggest drawbacks of rubber bonded blades is contamination.

This risk is minimized through the interchangeable nature of the sleeves. The high impact rubber reduces the possibility of damage and increases the function between product and sleeve.

Clamping Plates Forklift Attachment

Clamping Plates

As with the removable sleeves, the clamping sleeves are interchangeable between pallet work and finished product lifts.

These can be manufactured to suit fork positioners or turna forks with a contact pad size to suit each specific application. Retention is either by heel pins or twist screw clamps.